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Cutting and rough grinding applications

Cutting and rough grinding


Cut-off wheels are the most widely used tool for removal of risers and runners. Depending on the application, stationary cut-off machines or swing frame cutters are used. They easily cut sanded or mineralised castings. High-alloy work pieces such as exhaust manifolds and turbine blades can be economically machined with cut-off wheels.
For this purpose, Krebs & Riedelprovides powerful cut-off wheels, reinforced with glass fibre offering maximum safety. Depending on the application, we provides straight discs or discs with a depressed centre.

When cutting (to length) linear guides, valves or pipes, for example, high demands are made on the quality of the cut. Neither blue cut nor burr formation should occur.
Krebs & Riedelprovides optimised cut-off wheels tailored for this application. Such discs can be used on stationary cut-off machines in wet or dry cutting. We provides cut-off wheels with and without fabric reinforcement for these kinds of applications.


Kompaktschleifscheibe Stationary rough grinding wheels are used in foundries on stand grinders, swing frame grinders or manipulators. Stand grinders are used to machine smaller and lighter castings, which are held by hand. Swing frame grinders or manipulators are used for larger and heavier work pieces.
Resinoid-bonded rough grinding wheels are distinguished by high safety and durability. Krebs & Riedelprovides rough grinding wheels with and without fabric reinforcement.