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About us


Krebs & Riedelis a family owned company and has been in operation in Bad Karlshafen since 1895. With over 200 dedicated employees and an annual turnover of more than €26 million is one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of advanced grinding wheels.
An export share of approx. 40% demonstrates the international orientation of our company with exports being a major part of our sales programme.

Our Krebs & RiedelManufacturing Programm includes:
Aluminium oxide and silicon carbide wheels in vitrified and resin bond for most industrial applications; outer diameters up to 900 mm:
» cylindrical grinding
» surface grinding
» tool grinding
» centreless grinding
» gear grinding
» rough grinding

Abrasive cut-off wheels with resin bond, with or without fibre-glass reinforcement; outer diameters up to 600 mm:
» straight cutting
» swing frame cutting
» rotary cutting

Wheels for fettling and snagging, with or without fibreglass reinforcement; for use in contract fettling shops and foundries:
» grinding wheels for swing frame grinders
» grinding wheels for floor stand grinders
» grinding wheels for grinding manipulators

Vitrified diamond and CBN grinding wheels for peripheral speeds up to 200 m/s:
» internal grinding
» surface gringing
» cylindrical grinding
» tool grinding
» special grinding processes